Hey Guys!

Two years ago I launched my kickstarter with the premise that I was designing bikinis for bodies. Ready to join the body positivity movement that has taken such beautiful hold of our society empowering women to feel confident in their bathing suit. But something isn’t sitting right with me.

I am not “plus size” and I am not “sample size” I am just my size. And most days that size changes! I know that we should all be feeling good in our skin, be confident with high self-esteem but how do you get there? I’ve found myself a bit lost on the concept. I fully support these beautiful women embracing their curves and loving their bodies but no one is representing me. I am still not the audience. With my average frame I’ve been taught that dieting and looks are the only avenues to self-worth. Noting that my outward appearance seems to be the only thing that matters.

What a load of crap! I know now that those ideas are so archaic!!!

My mission is to create a community — aware that we are not alone on the journey to find our voice and our confidence. Recognizing those seemingly innocent parental and societal comments of criticism left lasting impressions on us. We didn’t know that the inner voice telling us that “we are not good enough the way we are” was not our own but someone else’s projected fears.

I want you to know dear friend, that this is a story we can strive towards together. Let me be your sounding board. I am certainly not an expert on this matter, however, I am humbled by my own battle with low self-esteem as at times it has been truly debilitating. However, now I am learning to maneuver this terrain and would love to share with you my findings.

I invite you to join the conversation if you feel so inclined by answering these two questions:

<strong>What are the insecurities that you have had to overcome in regards to YOUR body image?

What is confidence to you and how do YOU attain it? </strong>

Please attached a portrait of you in a swimsuit.

I would love for us all to band together and guide each other through this amazing journey. As we share our limitations and fears we will emerge brighter and lighter.

We are all perfectly imperfect.

With love and light,