As some of you may know I come from a pretty nomadic background. I guess you could say it is in my dna. My people are artists, explorers, entertainers and healers. We love loud and create beautifully.

Growing up, mom and I were always “on to the next one”. She flipped houses to keep us afloat and we moved yearly. Thanks to that, I’m a total pro at packing and unpacking (although EG may disagree). Or at least I used to be (she’ll still probably disagree).

Earlier this year I made a declaration for community. I needed it, I didn’t know what that looked like for me (quite yet) but I wanted it. I paid attention, I took notes and I understood the work that would bring me to where I wanted to go. To find you.

This December marks 3 years of living in Los Feliz. It is the longest place that I have ever lived in my life. Ever. Today as I look around at my community, I feel such total gratitude and love for thisplace on the planet and my life in general. In all honestly, I could not do this without each-and-every-one of you.

It is because of your very existence that I get to experience this beautiful life. Thank you.

I owe everything that I am to the circumstances  that have made me.

“Not all who wander are lost.”