Model: Isabella   

Photography & Styling: Serena Duffin

Isabella, a goddess in her own right,

With radiant beauty, shining so bright,

In the springtime, she’s surrounded by flowers,

As she embraces motherhood with all her powers.

Her shakti energy flows through her veins,

Giving her strength to endure any pains,

Her creativity blossoms like the blooms,

As she nurtures her child amidst spring’s perfumes.

A new mother, glowing with new life,

Her love for her child, pure and rife,

She holds her little one with a gentle hand,

Guiding them through life’s wondrous land.

In the fields, she walks with grace,

As her child gazes up at her face,

With each step, she’s a beacon of light,

A goddess in the springtime, so radiant and bright.

Isabella’s love, like the flowers around,

Springs forth from the fertile ground,

With every breath, she’s a new beginning,

A mother, a goddess, forever winning.