In the heart of Hollywood, against the backdrop of Griffith Observatory, a magical photo shoot unfolded during the golden hour last week. I had the pleasure of styling and shooting Sarah Rosenkranz in celebration of her latest single release, “Don’t Give Up.” The evening was filled with warmth, romance, and a touch of whimsy, perfectly encapsulating the essence of Sarah’s music and the approaching Valentine’s Day.

Setting the Stage:

I chose Griffith Observatory for its architectural marvels and the stunning views it offers, enhanced by the soft hues of the Southern California winter sky. The golden hour provided the perfect lighting to capture the beauty of the moment and bring out the rich, vibrant colors in the sky.


Three Unique Looks:

I carefully curated three distinct looks to showcase the multifaceted talent and personality of Sarah. The first ensemble featured a cozy pink sweater paired with heart-shaped sunglasses, radiating a playful and affectionate vibe. The second look was a show-stopping silk evening gown complemented by a cropped white fur jacket, exuding elegance and sophistication. The final look embraced a more whimsical side with a lavender beret and feather crop top, adding a touch of fantasy to the series.



Sarah’s Authenticity:

After the shoot, Sarah shared a heartfelt sentiment about the experience. She mentioned that she felt I had the unique ability to capture her most authentic self, expressing gratitude for the way I portrayed her true essence. To me, this acknowledgment is the highest compliment a photographer can receive, reinforcing the idea that a successful shoot goes beyond just capturing images—it’s about capturing the spirit of the individual.


The Griffith Observatory golden hour photo shoot with Sarah Rosenkranz was a celebration of music, style, and authenticity. The carefully curated looks, the architectural wonders of the Observatory, and the enchanting winter sky combined to create a visual feast. As Valentine’s Day approaches, these photos serve as a reminder of the power of art to capture and convey the essence of emotion and the joy of collaborating with an artist like Sarah to bring that vision to life.