lately i’ve been lusting over vintage shades. i picked up a two pairs over the past fews weeks @ eye candy on Lafayette. Sadly, the first pair met the demiss of my shoe and the second pair was severly injured in my recent fender bender.

luckily, the great folks @ fabulous franny’s were able to salvage the later pair. i am so happy that i stumbled upon this place! great vintage and current frames, as well as, a cute little vintage clothing store to boot! i’ll definitely be back to get some new frames for my blind eyes.

let’s not forget the reason that i was in the east village to begin with…. a few weeks ago, i picked up the perfect panama hat for me. in toast. with a chocolate ribbon band. and a feather. the best. so clearly, my mom sees the hat & is obsessed! it’s a huge hit. i just picked hers up. and got myself another hat. of course.

THE place in the east village for hats is: THE VILLAGE SCANDAL! the staff is amazing! the store has a really great vibe. carries hand made, custom, beautiful hats. i would recommend to a friend!

bring on spring!

easter with the beautiful ania. thanks thomas for the skills.

the village scandal.